Jeffrey Barist, Arbitrator & Mediator

Jeffrey Barist brings years of high-level business litigation, arbitration and mediation experience to his service as an arbitrator and mediator.

Mr. Barist's perspective is based on over forty years of representing major national and international companies in the resolution of high-profile business disputes. He has participated as counsel, arbitrator and mediator in numerous complex arbitrations and mediations.

Mr. Barist’s decades-long experience in the resolution of major business disputes before courts throughout the United States and before arbitral tribunals throughout the world, gives him the ability to assimilate the details of the arbitration before him; to understand the arguments of counsel to the parties; and to devise and require, with the participation of the parties’ counsel, procedures that will truly effectuate the arbitration goals of efficient and fair adjudication.

His experience also enables him as a mediator to understand the realities of the business dispute and the needs of each party, enabling him to reach creative solutions, while understanding and effectively communicating the potential consequences of the parties' failure to agree.

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